For couples only... Learn from the couple that created a whole new way to become better partners! Stuart and Tracy Palmer have developed an exciting new method to communicate to their students the art of partnership in dance! They will revolutionize the way you look at your relationship, even if all that you are looking for is a little dancing as a date night escape.



"Hello! We're very excited that you and your partner are interested in exploring ballroom dance lessons! We have had the opportunity to help people just like you learn how to ballroom dance comfortably in any social setting for over 25 years. We offer classes in all the most POPULAR (Swing, Salsa, Waltz...) as well as somewhat OBSCURE (Tango, Merengue, Samba...) ballroom and social dances. Our goal is to make your learning experience relaxed and encouraging."




Feedback from our students


"Tracy & Stuart make learning a pleasure when I thought it would be torture!”


“This is more fun than therapy and much less expensive!”


"Stuart and Tracy are very personable, enlightening, and fun to be around."


"Classes are non-threatening and Tracy and Stuart teach in a way that is fun and supportive.“


"We’ve always been challenged, but never discouraged or overwhelmed."


"Stuart & Tracy are organized, prepared, and exude such patience and caring in their teaching methods that we have learned so much just by their example!"




  1. Private Lessons by appointment (40 minutes)
  2. $65 per lesson

  4. Private Group Classes
  5. Great for your wedding party or group of friends!
  6. $25 per couple per 40-minute session; minimum of 4 couples



Reach us @ (763) 516-3661



We'll come to your church or facility!





“Dancing has brought a new dimension to our marriage"


"Dance night has become the highlight of our week”


"I’m so glad that we made the leap to get started”


"Dance has helped us be more forgiving of each other"


"We never realized how connected the two were until all aspects of our marriage improved throughout the months of dancing and learning together."