Hosting a Full Dance of Marriage Weekend


The Palmers travel from Greenville, South Carolina. Host a two day weekend anywhere for any size group.


A weekend event allows busy couples an uninterrupted time away to rekindle the fires. Our suggested plan presents all eight elements in four 90 minute sessions shared over two days. This fits ideally into a Friday night - Saturday morning format for enjoyable, unrushed application time. It also wraps up early on Saturday, leaving the remainder of the weekend for more fun, rest and romance.



Host a Weekend Conference Fee: The fee to host The Dance of Marriage weekend conference can be managed in one of two ways.


Option 1: The Palmers will be responsible to organize and manage all of the details and expenses surrounding their travel and additional logistics involved in participating in your conference. This includes airfare, all transportation to and from the airport, conference facility, hotel etc…, all lodging, food and beverage and other miscellaneous expenses required to participate in your conference. The fee for this arrangement is $2000 for a single-day conference and $3000 for a two-day conference and will be paid in two installments.


Option 2: You or your staff will be responsible to organize and manage all of the details and expenses for the Palmers. This includes scheduling and prepaying for airfare, booking lodging, scheduling transportation, providing meals and other reasonable expenses required for Stuart and Tracy to participate in your conference. The Palmer’s fee in this option is covered by a participant offering taken by you prior to the final session on the final day.



        1. A minimum of 20 couples is probably best if you are considering cost sharing; 50 couples is an effective limit considering space requirements.
        2. A facility with a wood dance floor is always best.  Carpet, tile or other types of flooring are possible but can add difficulty to movement.
        3. A point person or couple to direct your in-house promotions and communications with the Palmers is a good idea.
        4. Consider partnering with other groups, churches, or community organizations to share cost as well as making a larger impact in your area.


Hosting the Palmers as Part of a another Event


While it is most powerful for couples to experience all eight elements, each DoM session can be delivered alone or as a unique part of your special event. Together, we will tailor the format to fit your group's needs and desires. Fees for arrangements like these are adapted to the unique occasion.




Our 4-Week Dance of Marriage series is $160 per couple. We recommend that the number of participating couples fall between 8-20 for the best results. Important factors to consider are the size of the space being utilized as well as your desired level of intimacy. REGISTER!




The Dance of Marriage private sessions are a great opportunity for you and your spouse to have focused enrichment time just for you. The sessions are 40-minutes in length and can be taken weekly or bi-weekly. The cost of the private sessions package is $385.