The Dance of Marriage is a great building block for any couple looking to have a healthier more vibrant relationship.

We have developed a specialized curriculum designed to give couples a new perspective for their partnership. Each of the eight sessions highlights core elements found in every thriving relationship. As couples learn to become better dance partners through the application of these core principals on the dance floor, they see similar direct application to their marriage.


Core elements found in all highly functioning relationships:

Adaptability - In dance we are always adapting, whether to our partner's ability, our own ability, our surroundings, the music, or various other external influences, the same can be said for marriage. Being inflexible just isn't an option. If we are going to enjoy the dance we must embrace being adaptable. Session 1 will develop a new awareness, perspective and tools for adapting to and navigating changing circumstances.


Foundation - Each individual's capacity to understand and execute their role plays a significant part in the foundation of the dance partnership. The best dancers also have an intimate understanding of their partner's role, which helps increase their ability to partner well. As married couples learn to understand, define and communicate roles within their partnership they become more capable of maintaining harmony through life's ups and downs. Session 2 will help you learn to bring "the best you" to your marriage partnership.


Cooperation - Fostering an atmosphere of cooperation will more quickly bring achievement and advancement to the dance experience. In marriage we can choose to focus on "me" or on the "we". By placing the value of the partnership ahead of the individual a couple advances quickly toward harmony and peace. Session 3 places attention on cooperating for the purpose of advancing the "we".


Leading and Following - A great leader knows how to follow the strengths of their partner. A great follower understands how to lead without intruding. When each individual knows the precepts of both leading and following, the dance becomes quite accomplished. On the dance floor a good leader relies on his partner often in order to navigate successfully. Session 4 develops your understanding of leading in your strengths and following the strengths of your partner.


Building Trust - Trust produces a freedom that provides couples an exponentially more enjoyable dance experience. Without it, the security to express one's self does not exist and the dance is stifled... the beauty unrealized. Becoming "safe" for your marriage partner starts with demonstrating your desire to understand them. This is especially true when you disagree. Session 5 will help you learn to create deeper trust in your relationship.


Creating Intimacy - Deep emotional intimacy is the "becoming one" that we all desire in our marriage dance. When a couple longs to share their innermost thoughts together, even if they are fears or struggles, they become a portrait of harmony. Session 6 focuses on developing emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy in your marriage.


Investing - As the actions of each companion of the dance exist to enhance the experience of the other, the dance becomes a celebration of the possibilities. There is a entirely captivating beauty that exists in a lavishing love relationship. The "Give and Take" of a relationship is replaced with "Give and Give More" as maturity increases in each partner. Session 7 places your focus on selfless generosity and your ability to give to your marriage without thinking of a return.


Co-Creation - A co-creative vision for a couple provides them with an opportuity to leave a legacy that defines their partnership. When the skillfulness of the dance couple becomes highly developed and the partners embrace the possibilities of the dance united in purpose, the dance itself takes on a life of its own. The future now holds only hope and the anticipation of a deep satisfaction and joy that words cannot describe. Session 8 will help you and your spouse create a vision for the future of your relationship together; a picture that can only be accomplished by two becoming one.


The Dance of Marriage makes a significant impact with groups of any size as well as individual couples.  We have literally brought The Dance of Marriage to a cruise ship FULL of romancing duos as well as teaching privately, one couple at at time! 


DoM for Individual Couples

Stuart and Tracy provide marriage coaching through Dance of Marriage private sessions. A couple can choose to experience the Dance of Marriage series by appointment one session at a time as a twosome.  More fun than therapy, consider it the fun way to grow your relationship!   This also makes a perfect birthday, anniversary, engagement or wedding gift!

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Hosting a Weekend

A weekend event allows busy couples an uninterrupted time away to rekindle the fires. Our suggested plan presents all eight elements in four 90 minute sessions shared over two days. This fits ideally into a Friday night - Saturday morning format for enjoyable, unrushed application time. It also wraps up early on Saturday, leaving the remainder of the weekend for more fun, rest and romance.

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Hosting the 4-Week Series

Each 90 minute session pairs two related elements for a romantic and life changing 'date night' for your small group or entire community.

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Adding the Dance of Marriage as Part of Another Event.

While it is most powerful for couples to experience all eight elements, sessions one and two of the Dance of Marriage can be delivered together as a sample. It's a great way to bring a unique offering to your special event.


An example of this is our participation in the Love Like You Mean It Valentine's Cruise. We taught a number of dance/enrichment sessions during the week of the cruise. Whether romantic evening sessions or fun beach sessions couples thoroughly enjoyed laughing and learning in each other's arms!

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